Unbeatable advantages

The stable and practical LeihBOX is used by our customers for a wide variety of purposes: be it for private removals, company removals, official removals, temporary storage during renovations, water damage, events, youth and school camps and for many other reasons.
Anyone who has used the LeihBOX once will be happy to use it again and again.
Below you will find a brief description of the most important advantages.

Advantages of LeihBOX

  • Returnable is sustainable

    LeihBOXes can be used several hundred times. By using the LeihBOX reusable system, you demonstrably protect the environment!

    All LeihBOX containers are 100% recycled at the end of their service life.

  • Ready for use in 4 seconds

    You can set up a LeihBOX in 4 seconds. No tape, no plugging together. Simply ready.

    Gone are the days of tedious packing tape, sticking it shut and tearing it open again. Every LeihBOX comes with a sealable lid. And that’s why you can use the LeihBOX for everything: for a private or business move, for the next party, for temporary storage during a language study trip.

  • LeihBOX is easily stackable

    The moving boxes from LeihBOX have proven themselves in industrial logistics.
    The sturdy LeihBOX can be easily stacked on top of each other in the home and in the vehicle. No more weird banana box towers!

  • Sturdy boxes protect contents

    Protect your valuable things in sturdy boxes. A sturdy base, solid side walls and a lockable lid protect your belongings better than moving boxes that can be pushed in.

  • Protection against water

    The LeihBOX is still standing even if it rains during the move or if it is used in the event of water damage.
    Unlike moving boxes or banana boxes, no water is absorbed and your valuable collection is protected from splashes by the closing lid and the LeihBOX inner bag.

  • Sealable containers

    There are certain things and documents that you would rather protect from prying eyes. LeihBOXes can be sealed with disposable seals available for purchase in our shop.

  • Delivered & collected on request

    And it’s even more convenient: Why not have us deliver the desired rental items to your current address? LeihBOX delivers nationwide in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein on request. And after use, we will collect everything from your current address!

    In the event of water damage, we offer the fastest express deliveries in more and more regions, so that you receive the LeihBOXes as quickly as possible. For express orders, please contact customer service by telephone.

  • Moving boxes easily organised

    One booking – job done!

    Just a few clicks or a phone call and your removal boxes are organised! You have never organised your removal boxes so quickly!

  • Odour-free

    This advantage is self-explanatory: LeihBOXes are odourless.

    Surely you know the musty smell of boxes that have become damp.

  • Hygienic

    Depending on the location, each LeihBOX is sterilised before each rental or comes with a recyclable HDPE protective bag. This keeps your clothes and valuable items hygienically protected.

  • One-way rentals are possible

    You can return LeihBOXs to any LeihBOX location. One-way rentals are explicitly encouraged and allow you to transport things to the holiday home. Or if you move to another city.

  • LeihBOX plants trees

    LeihBOX plants five new trees for every 100 boxes rented. (across all contracts together, each individual box counts).

  • LeihBOX saves space

    The foldable and nestable boxes take up less space during transport when empty, which in turn means fewer trips. And you save valuable space in your home and business.

  • LeihBOX always pays off!

    Do you like to enjoy life? Do you like to treat yourself to a good bottle of wine, a festive meal or a great concert? Do you like to choose a comfortable hotel when you go on holiday?

    Then you should also treat yourself to the LeihBOX. Compared to the total cost of a move, the rental costs for the LeihBOX are a small amount, but they pay off in comfort and time savings. Your back, your friends and the environment will thank you many times over!

    If you calculate carefully and include the labour costs of the employees, you have already saved half the rent in terms of the time saved compared to putting and gluing boxes together.

    As our customers say from experience:
    “Once LeihBOX, always LeihBOX.”

  • Simply add accessories

    Do you also need moving blankets, carrying straps, lashing straps, inserts for suspension files, dollies/transport rollers or sack trucks? Then simply rent the accessories from LeihBOX.

    Certain accessories such as seals, tissue paper and garment bags can be purchased from LeihBOX.

    Do not hesitate to ask our customer service for accessories that are not (yet) available in our shop.

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