Archive relocation in its simplest form

LeihBOX incl. hanging file insert


Quick to set up

You can move your files from the shelves to the boxes even before the move. For clear labelling, you receive free labels from LeihBOX or you can use your own system. The rein boxes for hanging files from LeihBOX all have lids and can be easily sealed.

When empty, LeihBOX is folded and therefore does not take up unnecessary space. For transport within the building, we recommend renting the matching transport rollers.


Mass and demand calculation

We will be happy to advise you personally on the calculation of your individual requirements. Your requirements depend on the quantity of files and the speed at which the files are moved. If the files are hung in the box, moved and put away again at the new location within one day, you can use a LeihBOX up to 20 times during two weeks. Or you wish to be able to work with the files at the old location until the last minute, to carry out a single transport and to be able to access all the files again quickly at the new location. Then you need more LeihBOXes.

For moving suspension files, we offer you the LeihBOX “62 L” with an additional suspension file insert.
The internal dimensions of the box are: 56.7 x 36.7 x 30.0 cm.

We recommend that you plan for two LeihBOXes plus suspension file sets per ‘file metre’.
For every four boxes, we recommend one transport roller.
(Due to the weight of paper files, we recommend that you spare your back and do not fill the LeihBOX to the maximum).




Calculation example for the archive shelf

The calculation for the archive in this picture:

  • Width per shelf 1.5 m
  • 5 shelves per rack
  • 2 racks

= a total of 15 ‘file-metres’

The suggested amount is 30 LeihBOXes + 30 file insert sets

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