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Moving libraries quickly, comfortably and sustainably

LeihBOX offers a convenient and sustainable rental solution for moving small and large quantities of books. When moving entire libraries, the order of the books is essential. The sturdy moving boxes with matching roller allow you to place the books in the correct order from the shelf into the box. The lid provides valuable specimens with the protection they need in the rain.

During transport, LeihBOXes offer additional security. This is because rolling shelves can only be closed to a limited extent, offer only limited protection in the rain and have considerable disadvantages in the event of shocks caused by uneven access routes or when braking heavily.

No book box on the market offers you this protection, comfort and sustainability through the rentable reusable solution!

Calculate your need

LeihBOX customers stated that they plan two LeihBOXes for every ‘metre of books’ transported at the same time.
If you want to pack more books during the transport, you will need twice the amount.
For transport within the library, one transport roller per four LeihBOXes should be sufficient.Let us advise you personally on the calculation of your individual requirements. Your requirements will depend on the quantity of books (linear metres) and the speed at which the stock is moved. If the books are placed in the box, moved and put back on the shelf at the new location within one day, you can use a LeihBOX up to 20 times during two weeks. Or you want to be able to work with the books at the old location of the library until the last minute, to carry out a single transport and to be able to access all the books again quickly at the new location. In this case you will need more LeihBOXes.

You can reduce the necessary need for removal containers by increasing the permitted lending quantities of your users during the time of the move and by extending the lending periods. Offer free trial memberships at the same time. Invite schools to “reading weeks” etc.

>> The more books and non-books are borrowed before you relocate, the less you have to move! <<

Due to the weight of books, we recommend that you take care of your back and fill the LeihBOX with a maximum of 20kg!

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