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LeihBOX Questions and Answers

  • Calculate prices - this is how it works

    The price for your specific dates is displayed when you place the desired items in the shopping basket. You take no risk and can freely adjust the number and dates.

    Here are the concrete steps one after the other:

    1. In the price calculator, enter the desired start date and duration [CONTINUE].
    2. Select the desired rental items. [CONTINUE]
    3. Decide on home delivery or pick-up at a pick-up station.

    The price for the selected shopping cart is always displayed below.

  • Delivery costs / Shipping costs

    The effective costs for delivery / shipping are displayed in the summary before payment. You will always be shown delivery costs for both ways, i.e. there and back. Unfortunately, the delivery and shipping costs can only be calculated after quantities and addresses are known.

    For deliveries by forwarding agent, the delivery and collection costs are calculated per pallet (capacity approx. 80 LeihBOXes). CH/FL: approx. CHF 60-80 per pallet per way. DE/AT: approx. EUR 75-115 per pallet per way.

    Shipments to a pick-up station: approx. CHF/EUR 7-12 shipping costs per shipment per way (capacity approx. 4-5 boxes). Pick-up stations do not have their own on-site warehouse. Your order will be delivered to the selected pick-up station for you on the desired pick-up day.

    Pick-up without additional delivery costs at our depots: St. Gallen, Winterthur, Basel, Pfäffikon SZ, Schaan FL, Vernier, Constance.

  • Can I simply pick up LeihBOXes from Kiosk/Avec/Südkurier (without ordering)?

    The specified pick-up stations at partners such as Kiosk, Avec, Press&Books or Südkurier do not have LeihBOXes in stock due to limited space. Please therefore always order the desired quantity of LeihBOXes online first. The ordered LeihBOXes will then be delivered to the respective location together with the daily newspapers on appointment during the night.

    LeihBOX has a shop in St. Gallen/Fürstenlandstrasse 35 where you can view all rental items and also rent them spontaneously and immediately without ordering. Opening hours are Mon-Fri 08:30-12:00 and 14:00-17:30.

  • Can I return the LeihBOX in another city? (One-way rental)

    Yes, LeihBOX offers ecological one-way rental in most cases at no extra charge.
    If possible, please indicate the desired return location when ordering.
    Our customer service will be happy to advise you on your specific case.

  • I would like to book a collection by forwarding agent at a later date, how do I proceed?

    You can also book a collection at your address as a self-collector up to three working days before the return date for an additional charge.
    Please contact the customer service for this. They will make you an offer and discuss the further details with you, such as collection times, address, provision of rental items, etc.

  • I am packing and need more of LeihBOX!

    You can place another order at any time. The deposit only has to be paid once for all simultaneous orders. Any delivery charges will be incurred a second time because of the second delivery. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

  • How large are the LeihBOXes?

    LeihBOX uses different box models with different dimensions depending on the location.

    • LeihBOX “W” – 40 x 30 x 32 cm
    • LeihBOX “S” – 60 x 40 x 27 cm
    • LeihBOX “M” – 60 x 40 x 32 cm
    • LeihBOX “L” – 60 x 40 x 42 cm
    • LeihBOX “XL” – 80 x 60 x 44 cm

    All LeihBOX formats therefore fit perfectly on a Euro pallet (80 x 120 cm). Please refer to the detailed information in the order process for the exact internal and external dimensions and the weight details.

  • Locations: Not all pick-up locations are shown to me in the order process

    LeihBOX has over 500 pick-up stations where you can pick up LeihBOX rental items near you.
    Here you can get a complete overview of all pick-up locations.

    In the order process, you will only be shown those locations that have the desired rental items in stock on the desired date.

    Due to limited space, K Kiosk/Avec/Press&Books locations can generally only accept orders for a maximum of 30 LeihBOXs per day.


    • For orders with more than 30 LeihBOXes, you can place two orders with different days or different pick-up locations.
    • Sometimes a location has already fully rented one LeihBOX size on certain dates, but would have another size in stock. By changing the LeihBOX size, a collection at the desired location can be made possible.
    • Our customer service will be happy to find a solution for you, please call us.
  • How long can I rent a LeihBOX?

    When you make your booking, you can determine the start date and rental period yourself. The minimum rental period is two weeks. You can always return the rental items earlier. Unfortunately, we cannot make a partial refund for an earlier return.

    For long-term rentals longer than 3 months, we offer special long-term rental conditions. Please ask Customer Service for a quote for long-term rentals.

  • What are the advantages of the LeihBOX compared to the "old" moving cardboard boxes?

    All in all, the LeihBOX is cheaper and you save a bit of nature at the same time. Here is the most important information:

    • With LeihBOX you need fewer moving boxes. You can really pack them because they are waterproof and unbreakable. With the LeihBOX transport roller you also spare the backs of your helpers.
    • The LeihBOX is stackable. You can stack them stably on top of each other. This means you need a smaller transporter or fewer trips.
    • You save a lot of time. Many people do not take into account the time they use to reserve three moving boxes here and five banana boxes there and then pick them up again later. Not to mention the fuel wasted, the parking fees and the forgotten tape.
    • Zero-waste moving. After your move, you don’t have to dispose of boxes, store them, drive them back. It’s just not just the initial cost of moving boxes that comes with traditional cardboard boxes. #zerowastemove.
    • Less damage thanks to the sturdy LeihBOX.
    • You and your helpers move faster. Then there’s more time for that cool beer afterwards!
    • LeihBOX plants five trees for every 100 boxes rented (across all customers).
  • Why is an extra week cheaper than a subsequent extension/delay when booking online?

    LeihBOX can only offer you fair prices because we rent out the rental items and do not have them standing around for long. In concrete terms, this means that after your rental period, the next customer will already be renting the LeihBOX items. An extension/delay leads to the fact that we must procure the LeihBOX articles for the next renter with additional expenditure elsewhere. We charge these additional costs to the customers who cause this effort. We therefore recommend renting a week longer from the beginning and approaching the move in a more relaxed manner.

  • Does LeihBOX also work with trade, with SMEs or with large companies?

    Yes, a large part of LeihBOX is for business removals and activities. Business removals and corporate events become more ecological with LeihBOX. There is additional information for business relocation on this page.
    Many companies give their employees a LeihBOX voucher for their move and thus play a sympathetic active role in the move.

  • How and when do I get the deposit back?

    You will receive a final invoice after returning the rental items. Additional services (e.g. extensions, subsequently ordered logistics services, etc.) will be invoiced in the final invoice. These additional services will be deducted from the deposit. A credit balance will be refunded to you via the same payment channel as the deposit was made by you (PayPal to PayPal, TWINT to TWINT etc.).

    The final settlement/refund of the deposit will be slightly delayed for you, but will always be announced with a message to you:

    • Locations without their own warehouse (k Kiosk/Avec/Press&Books) return the rental items to the warehouse. You can track the items with your consignment number on the website As soon as they arrive in St. Gallen, the refund will take place.
    • Locations with their own warehouse send a return notification to the LeihBOX accounting department within 48 hours of return.

    As soon as you have received the final invoice, your credit has also been settled with you (credit note or subsequent debit).

    • PayPal/TWINT refund immediately
    • Credit card credits take between 3-10 days, depending on the card issuer, until they are visible on the bank statement.
    • Bank transfers are debited from LeihBOX on the next working day and then credited by your bank.
  • Can I buy the LeihBOX?

    Yes, you can also buy and keep the LeihBOX at the end of the rental period. Please ask for a quote.

  • Can I change or cancel the dates of a LeihBOX booking?

    LeihBOX grants you a right of withdrawal from your rental contract under certain conditions (see terms).
    If you are not quite sure yet on which day exactly you need the rental items, you can discuss your case with our customer service before booking. Cancellation / rebooking / refund in other cases is not possible.

    You are very flexible regarding the later collection and earlier return of the LeihBOX. During opening hours, you can simply drop by at most locations. For individual locations, please announce your earlier arrival by telephone.
    Whenever possible, we are also happy to extend your LeihBOX rental period at the extension rate. Please contact us by phone at least 72 hours before the end of the rental period!
    A late return may occur, but is subject to the additional charges described above.

  • Why should I choose the LeihBOX over the banana box?

    The lifespan of a banana box or a moving box is limited. So is the strength of the same. There is nothing more unpleasant than when the bottom of a cardboard box gives way during a removal and the valuable crockery is broken in the process. Removal boxes are often stored in dark cellars where spiders and other inhabitants also have parties. Perhaps you would rather not bring these into the new flat? The LeihBOX is more ecological and practical than cardboard boxes and tape. The LeihBOX hardly takes up any space when empty, as it has been designed to save space.

  • What happens if I lose a LeihBOX or if a LeihBOX is stolen?

    You will be charged CHF/EUR 57 for each LeihBOX missing when you return it. We therefore recommend that you regularly count through the LeihBOX when collecting it and during the move. In the event of theft, please contact your insurance company.

  • Do I need to bring ID with me when I pick up?

    When you receive the LeihBOX in reception, you must present the booking number and please identify yourself with an ID.
    You will then be given the LeihBOX rental items against a receipt.

    When collecting items from a Päcklipunkt collection station (k kiosk/avec/Press&Books), you will need the collection codes, which will be sent to you by SMS.

  • Which means of payment does LeihBOX accept?

    LeihBOX accepts the following payment methods:

    • by credit card (automated, immediate confirmation after receipt of payment)
    • by PayPal (automated, immediate confirmation after receipt of payment).
    • by TWINT (prepayment, manual crediting on weekdays during office hours after receipt of payment).
    • by bank transfer (prepayment, manual crediting on working days during office hours after receipt of payment).

    Alternatively, you can make your booking by telephone +41-71-244 46 11 around the clock.
    You will receive an advance invoice from LeihBOX, which you can pay by e-banking.
    Organisations entered in the commercial register can pay against invoice if they wish.

  • What are the bank details?, CH-9000 St. Gallen
    IBAN: CH03 0900 0000 8909 6255 2
    Message: Indicate booking number (e.g. R12345678)

  • Do you have any further questions?

    We are happy to answer your questions and publish the most frequently asked topics and answers here on this page.

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