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Do good & think good from the beginning has been committed to the sustainable use of resources since the beginning. The sustainable reusable concept with moving boxes for rent as an alternative to buying moving boxes from demonstrably conserves the resources of this earth.

But just saving resources is not enough for us. We are convinced that we must actively take responsibility together. Therefore, LeihBOX has decided from the beginning to support foundations that plant trees on our planet.

For every 100th of all rented LeihBOXes (sum of all rental contracts), LeihBOX has five trees planted*.

Together with our customers, we want to plant as many new trees as possible. fulfils its promise by donating to the following foundations:

Green Ethiopia Foundation:
LeihBOX supports the reforestation projects of the Green Ethiopia Foundation to protect natural resources and with multiple benefits from the reforested forests.

Eden Reforestation Projects:
‘Eden Reforestation Projects’ has so far planted over 900 million trees in ten countries. By employing tens of thousands of people in countries where poverty is rampant, the aim is to offer new hope.

It all started with a school report – today ‘Plant-for-the-Planet’ is a global movement with one big goal: to plant trees all over the world to fight the climate crisis. search engine
The LeihBOX team uses the search engine whenever possible, which also invests 80% of the revenue generated by searches in planting projects.

* Since 01.09.2017 LeihBOX donates 5 trees per 100 rented boxes, until 31.08.17 it was 1 tree per 100 boxes.

Image source: Jillwellington/Pixabay


Do good & think good from the beginning

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