Fair conditions

The stable and practical LeihBOX is used by our customers for a wide variety of purposes: be it for private removals, company removals, official removals, temporary storage during renovations, water damage, events, youth and school camps and for many other reasons.

Anyone who has used the LeihBOX once will be happy to use it again and again.

Below we summarise the most important rental conditions in an understandable and transparent way.

  • Tip: This is how the LeihBOX rental prices are calculated

    LeihBOX is practical, stable and ecological. You get a lot of comfort for the rental price of LeihBOX.

    • All prices are calculated per week or part thereof.
      The minimum rental period is two weeks.
      Prices depend on quantity, rental period, rental season and booking time.

    You can easily check the current prices online.

  • Tip: It pays to book early! Book a lot too!

    The rental prices for LeihBOX rental items adjust to demand and availability, just like hotels or airfares.
    As a member of the LeihBOX Club, you can get the cheapest LeihBOX three months before the start of the rental period. Short-term bookings are slightly less cheap with LeihBOX. So: give notice and book the LeihBOX immediately.

    LeihBOX offers attractive wholesale rates for authorities, companies and removal firms with large requirements.

    If you have regular needs for yourself or for your customers, contingent contracts with unbeatable conditions are the best solution for you. With a contingent contract, you call up a defined number of ‘box rental days’ over the next 12 months and in return receive the most favourable prices and additional flexibility compared to individual bookings.

  • Tip: Allowing more time is cheaper

    The convenient LeihBOX is inexpensive because the rental items do not sit around uselessly. The intelligent booking software will rent out the items to next customers shortly after the expected return date. Accordingly, subsequent extensions of the rental contracts cause additional costs.
    The rental for an additional week is cheaper for the original booking than for a subsequent extension.

    Our tips for avoiding these extra costs:

    • plan for one or two extra weeks as a reserve right from the start.
    • unpack quickly and keep to the agreed return date if possible.
  • Deposit

    A deposit of CHF/EUR 100 is required per order. This deposit is automatically in your shopping cart. The deposit will be refunded to you within 3 working days after the proper* return of the rental items (*proper = complete, on time and clean).
    Depending on your bank/credit card issuer, it may then take up to another 10 working days for the refund to appear on your bank statement.
    No deposit is required from holders of a SwissPass.

  • Pick up - Return

    Each LeihBOX is available for collection from the first day of the booked period during the opening hours of the location. Please bring your reservation confirmation and official ID with you.
    Switzerland (collection from PäckliPunkt/k Kiosk/Avec/Press&Book): Rental items will be made available during the morning and should usually be ready for collection by midday. You will receive an SMS with a collection code as soon as your rental items are ready for collection.

    Items can be returned at any LeihBOX location. The items must be returned during the opening hours of the location by the last day of the agreed period at the lates

  • Delivery and collection service

    LeihBOX delivers the rented items to your home for an additional charge and on request or collects the items from you again at the end of the rental period.
    This service is offered nationwide in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein.

    The day of delivery or collection is automatically the first or last day of the booked rental period. A later delivery or earlier collection can be arranged by telephone up to three working days before the date and will be confirmed by us by email.

    You must be at home on this day and collect or return the ordered goods in person. Unfortunately, we are unable to arrange times for delivery.
    If you are not home at the time of delivery, your order will be returned to the location during the next working day and will then be available for you at that location.
    If you are not at home at the time of collection, you are responsible for returning the hired items in good time.
    Transport costs are non-refundable.

    Delivery and collection is by lorry to the kerbside. The LeihBOX items are practically assembled on pallets or are to be made available again by you accordingly.

    Excluded from delivery are the German islands and all addresses that cannot be reached by truck.

    Information for the following special cases:

    Delivery & collection “Switzerland”: You can select the time slot “morning” (9-12h) or “afternoon” (14-17h) at no extra charge.

    Delivery & collection “Constance”: In the Constance city area and the municipalities of Reichenau, Allensbach, Dettingen, Wallhausen and Dingelsdorf, you can add a delivery and/or collection to the customer service. (EUR +7.80 per 10 LeihBOXes, per transaction).

  • Early return

    Early return is possible at any time during opening hours. A refund of the rental price is unfortunately not possible.

  • Extensions? yes for sure!

    It may happen that you need the LeihBOX rental items exceptionally longer than originally planned. In this case, please contact LeihBOX in good time – at least 72h before the agreed return date – to make a binding booking for the extension.
    Telephone: CH +41-71-244 46 11 / DE +49-32-2217 888 97.

    The following applies to extensions:

    • Your rental contract will be extended by one week at a time.
    • The agreed weekly rate applies with a surcharge of 30%.
    • Extensions must be agreed at least 72 hours before the return date.
    • Extensions are only possible if we have not already sublet the LeihBOX for the period in question.
    • We always confirm extensions by email!
  • Late return

    1. In the event of late return, we will charge the hirer a handling fee of CHF/EUR 25.
    2. The rental fee after expiry of the original rental contract per delayed day is CHF/EUR 1.10 per unit (LeihBOX, transport scooter, etc.).

    Extended rental contracts are of course not considered as late return.

  • Incomplete return

    If the LeihBOX material missing on return is not returned within one week of the agreed return date, it will be deemed lost and we will charge the hirer the following amounts:

    1. The above turnover fee and rental fee for late return (7 days).
    2. Replacement costs of CHF/EUR 57.- per missing item for material and labour.
  • Cleaning the LeihBOX

    When used properly, the LeihBOX does not require any special cleaning.
    However, it may happen that the LeihBOX was accidentally placed in a garden bed during a move. In these or similar cases, please clean the LeihBOX in question with water and detergent and dry it with a cloth.
    Thank you for understanding that we have to charge the hirer CHF/EUR 10 for each LeihBOX returned dirty.

  • Defective LeihBOX?

    The LeihBOX is extremely stable and has a lifespan of many years. With normal use, it is very unlikely that a LeihBOX will break.
    Each individual LeihBOX is always checked by a member of staff before being handed over to the hirer. This is how we ensure that your move goes smoothly. However, should it happen that we have overlooked a defective LeihBOX, please inform us within 24 hours of handover. In this case, you can exchange the LeihBOX free of charge during our opening hours.

    If a LeihBOX breaks due to improper handling (e.g. falling from the 4th floor; who climbs the highest; my hammer is stronger than the LeihBOX), please contact us. For the replacement we have to charge the hirer replacement costs of CHF/EUR 57.- per defective item for material, labour and disposal.

    Special case “unhinged hinges”
    It may happen that hinges of the LeihBOX become unhooked. In this case, you can easily put the hinge back in place yourself; our customer service will be happy to help with any questions.

  • Free withdrawal from the rental contract

    LeihBOX grants you the right to withdraw from the rental contract within 14 days of its conclusion without giving reasons and without incurring any costs, provided that all of the following conditions are met:

    Your withdrawal is made
    – in writing by email to info{at}leihbox.com.
    – at the latest 14 days after your booking.
    – at least 14 days before the first day of the rental.

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