Banana boxes or LeihBOX ?

Rent & return LeihBOXes

Dispose of it? no thanks!

Sustainable practical

4 seconds LeihBOX is ready

Never type “search banana boxes” into the search engine again!
With LeihBOX, your search for banana boxes is over. Never again will you have to pick up banana boxes for free, buy banana boxes or rent banana boxes. The hassle of collecting banana boxes from different people is definitely a thing of the past. The time-consuming collection of banana boxes and moving boxes is a thing of the past with LeihBOX.

Space-saving interim storage before and after the move
LeihBOX can be folded up when not in use and stacked to save space. This unique advantage of the LeihBOX does not exist with the empty banana boxes, the bulky moving boxes. You need a lot of space to store empty banana boxes.

LeihBOX also easy after the move
After your move, you don’t have to create ads like “banana boxes to give away” or “moving boxes to give away”. Because the LeihBOX simply goes back to the distribution point after your move. Our parents know very well the time it takes to get rid of the banana boxes after your move.

LeihBOX is cost-effective
Even if banana boxes are often available for free: If you do your maths honestly and take into account the time and fuel needed to collect the boxes, you can get away cheaply with the LeihBOX. You can determine the rental period individually according to your needs and demonstrably save money compared to banana boxes or moving boxes.

We have compiled many more advantages of the LeihBOX over banana boxes for you on the Advantages page.
Forget banana boxes, rent the innovative and ecological LeihBOX for your next move!

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