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Sustainable reusable LeihBOXes for your wine cellar move

Actually, one should move the noble drops as little as necessary. Drinking up before moving is often not possible.
LeihBOX offers a practical, safe and sustainable solution for moving wine bottles. Rent sturdy folding boxes for moving your wine cellar as an alternative to buying special “wine boxes” or “bottle cardboard boxes”.

Sustainable reusable LeihBOXes for your wine cellar move

Wine cases stable & stackable

The LeihBOX “W” is a moving box specially designed for moving and transporting wine bottles. It is delivered as a folding box to save space.

The LeihBOX “W” can be opened in a few simple steps and is ready for use within seconds. Depending on the bottle size, 10-12 wines fit into one LeinBOX “W”.

The stackable LeihBOX “W” with ergonomic handles can be sealed. This protects your treasures from unauthorised access.

The LeihBOX “W” is available in a set of 6 for 72 bottles.
The rental set also includes 72 bottle protection nets.
The disposable plug-in seals are also available for purchase from LeihBOX.

Wine cases stable & stackable

Die LeihBOX "W" ist die sichere Transportlösung für 10-12 Weinflaschen.
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